Buddhism Influence On Chinese Culture

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How Buddhism Influenced Chinese Culture
As one of the four great ancient civilizations, China has a very long history and a gorgeous culture. We can not ignore the fact that not only religions and cultures are inseparable, but also can influence each other profoundly, Just like Buddhism and Chinese culture. “The Chinese traditional culture includes three systems of thought: Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. The first two are Chinese culture, and Buddhism is a foreign religion from India. For over 2,000 years, Buddhism has interacted with all levels of Chinese culture such as literature, philosophy, morality, arts, architecture and religions. As a result, Buddhism has successfully integrated into the traditional Chinese culture and has become one of the three pillars.” (Xing, 308) 2010 Religious report survey data show that there are China has about 185 million Buddhist believers, and in contemporary China 's five major religions, Buddhism has the most extensive influence on Chinese society, and the most converted believers are also the most. Thus, Buddhism has influenced China deeply in some aspects, such as , people 's thought language and economy.
The Chinese people 's thought has been greatly influenced by the doctrines of Buddhism. Firstly, “the basic doctrine of Buddhism includes the Four Noble Truths:
1. Life is suffering;
2.Desire causes suffering; 3
3.. To get rid of suffering, one must get rid of desire;
4. To get rid of desire, one must follow the eight-fold
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