Buddhist Temple Experience

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Anticipation for attending the Buddhist service was exciting. The temple attended for Buddhist fieldtrip was Buddhist temple of America located in Ontario California. The service began at 6:30 am which was Sunday morning. Typically the service begins at sunrise, guessingly for mediation purposes. In addition, attending this service was exciting however feeling of discomfort was relevant.
Attending a Buddhist service was first personal experience. Nevertheless, the service was uncomfortable. When entering the temple noticeably there was beautiful decorations. The alter consisted of three god statues. These statues were surrounded by plants such as flowers. Behind the alter where little statues lining across the balcony. Below the balcony was pictures of Asian paintings of people who resembled buhdist religious leaders. When entering the temple noticeably individuals where
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Prostration is Buddhist worshiping devoted to their Gods which consisted of lying face flat on the ground. However, there were others who simply sat on the cushions waiting for the service to start. After worship, a dahram discussion was presented by a monk. This Dahram consisted of teaching the funtaminlas of the buddahast religion. In addition, the Dahram was lead by sangha, wich is a religouse budaah leader such as monks nuns, novices, or laity. Subsequently to Daharam there was meditian for 30 minutes. Meditiaon was problematic since sitting steal was difficult. After meditation, the people read from a little booklet wich took about twelve minutes. Asstionally they called this book the 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas. Guessingly this booklet is Buddhist form of religious bible. Afterwards, there was chanting yet in meditation method. The chanting lasted
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