Buddy Reedy: Buddy Shelly Over Walt Whitman's Life

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Buddy Reedy’s Essay over Walt Whitman’s Life Walt Whitman lived a life full of change. Not getting that highly recognized and accredited till around his death, He often wrote about it through his poems during the Civil war era about how he opposed slavery and would like them to be free, and a huge inspiration for his poems was Abe Lincoln and the idea of reuniting the South with the North again and also how he helped the wounded soldiers at a hospital in the Union Capital in The United States.

Walt Whitman was born in West Hills, New York on May 31 1819. He was the second child out of eight siblings. His father 's name was Walter Whitman and his mother 's name was Lousia Van Velser Whitman. Walt Whitman’s father usually always stayed drunk, so Walt Whitman typically stayed close to his mother through his childhood. Around 1824 Walt Whitman 's family moved to Brooklyn, New York where he went to public school. Walt Whitman enjoyed school learning how to read write and at a early age Walt Whitman knew he wanted to be a writer in whatever he might do in the future, and unfortunately when he turned eleven he had to drop out of school to help work and earn money to help support his family. Walt Whitman often taught himself and often wrote notes of when he walked the streets and went and visited museums. At the age of twelve Walt Whitman begin to work in offices of hospitals and lawyers, but Walt Whitman never quit writing, as he just about wrote about everything. Walt
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