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The Hilarious Comedy, Elf. Buddy the Elf, as he is known to many, was a normal baby who accidentally crawled into Santa’s sack on Christmas one year. Buddy was raised at the North Pole along with all of the other elves. Life was completely normal for Buddy up until he noticed that he was way larger than the rest of the elves and did not fit in with them. Santa soon realized this too, and sent Buddy to New York City in search of his real family. While there he finds his father, who he tries to restore the Christmas spirit in, and a few other people along the way, all while encountering many twists and turns and adventures. The wonderful film was released on November 7th, 2003, by director Jon Favreau. The wildly successful comedy, in its opening weekend alone it made approximately 31 million, and a gross box office value of around 173 million. IMDb gave Elf an overall rating of 6.9 out of 10, and Rotten Tomatoes rated the film 84%. This success is thanks to the films actors, who are one of the main reasons why this film was so successful. The main character, Buddy, is played by the famous Will Ferrell, who has starred in many other very popular movies such as, Anchorman, Step Brothers, The Other Guys, and The Lego Movie, Ferrell is most well known for his hilarious sense of humor in all the comedy films that he is in, he is…show more content…
This is due to the films overwhelming amount of comedy content, the very talented actors that perform in it, and the very meaningful messages that the movie portrays. Everyone should see this movie no matter what. I would recommend this film to anyone, young or old, this is because the comedy and the jokes are funny for all ages. I give this film a thumbs up and a rating of 9 out of 10. Elf is a timeless movie that I believe will be a classic for many generations to

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