Budweiser Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The following essay is a rhetorical analysis of the 2018 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial. The advertisement was in response to the recent natural disasters in Florida, Texas, California, and Puerto Rico. These hurricanes and floods can pollute the water and destroy water infrastructures. The commercial shows the Cartersville brewery workers converting their beer cans into water to ship out to cities in need. The brand strategically tries appealing to the majority of the U.S. population who watches the Super Bowl. Pathos was used most effectively by showing a Budweiser employees family life and dedication to assist others through Budweiser’s water donation program. The music choice and layout of the commercial also subtly contributed to pathos. Ethos was also established by the credibility of the ones in the commercial and the humbling message of the commercial as a whole. Logos did not show in their commercial. In conclusion, the advertisement was effective using these two rhetorical appeals, and Budweiser’s image…show more content…
This adds to the style of the advertisement; this whole commercial has a dramatic feeling to it. Styles in advertisements can be anything from humorous to scientific. They provide creative direction and can be very effective if executed well (Pack, 2017). Not many words are spoken throughout the Budweiser advertisement; they do not need to be. The song “Stand by You” is played at the right pace throughout the commercial and gradually gets more cheerful towards the end once the cans of water are shipped off. The pace of the song symbolizes the positive effect the water donation program has on America. It is slowed down and sung with a more delicate voice than the original to further set a mood. Many words do not need to be spoken because it makes the few words of text at the end, “Whenever you need us, we’ll stand by you”, more impactful. This commercial is as simple as their mission: help people in

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