Buerger's Disease Research Paper

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Buerger 's disease is are rare disease also known as thromboangiitis obliterans. This rare disease causes acute inflammation and thrombosis in the arteries and veins found on the body 's upper and lower extremities. Buerger 's disease causes clotting in the vessels; the obstruction of the vessels affects the tissues of the body by limiting the blood distribution. Due to the lack of blood, the body experiences pain and loss of tissue which leads to skin ulcerations. If the disease is extremely advanced it may also affect other vessels in the body that are not in the arms and legs (Mutukuro, Vishnu & Suresh, Kalkunte 56). It is unknown what specifically causes Buerger 's disease; however cigarette smoking is believed to be a strong association. Buerger 's disease causes the vessels to swell, the swelling then exceeds to clotting of blood…show more content…
In conclusion, stem cell therapy is still being researched today and is not a guaranteed cure for Buerger 's disease. Stem cell therapy is relatively new and a work-in progress; it has been possible to separate stem cells with modern technology and new research. Still today, it is unknown what causes Buerger 's disease; however, smoking tobacco products causes a larger progression and greater impact for those prone to this condition. The stem cells make it possible for angiogenesis. The peripheral blood vessels need to be developed in order to cease the progression of blood clots and swelling. They provide a different route for the blood circulation therefore, the limbs can receive oxygen rich blood to help the tissue live. If the effects of Buerger 's disease worsen to the point beyond repair then the patient will have to have their limbs amputated to keep the condition from affecting other parts of the body. The best way to avoid Buerger 's disease is to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. There is not a cure; however, medications are available to help with the side effects of Buerger 's disease and to slow down the
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