Buffalo Bill And Annie Oakley Analysis

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Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley America was a new world. The new territory in America was the West. With their manifest destiny the Americans believed it was their destiny to colonize the west. There were few ways you could feel and understand the culture and spirit of the Wild West. The Buffalo Bill Wild West show gave you just that experience. With skills and inspirations from their early lives, Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill Cody impacted culture by giving a life like representation of the wild west, but their show ended because of catastrophes and financial problems. Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley’s early lives shaped their careers by giving them skills and inspiration for their shows. William Cody was born on February 26, 1846, in Scott…show more content…
Cody became so good at what he did he was appointed Chief of scouts (39) In 1876 during the height of the war with the Indians, Cody spotted an Indian warband and after recruiting some other scouts engaged them in a skirmish. Cody dueled an Indian decorated with ornaments known as yellow hand and after killing him scalped his head and raised it into the air (55-58). This battle with yellow hand would be performed in his show and become one of the most famous parts of the Wild West show. He finally got to put on a show at his home town in 1882. As Reis explains in 1882 after 10 years in the theater Cody was challenged to put on a fourth of July celebration at his home town. Cody promised to make it the likes of which no one had seen before including killing a buffalo, riding horses, shooting, and bronco busting. Ten times more people showed up for the event than expected (60-62). Annie Oakley was born in Darke County Ohio. As Bill O’ Neal explains Annie Oakley shot her first squirrel at 8. After becoming a market hunter as a teenager to support her poor family, she had a shooting match against professional sharpshooter Frank Butler and won by 1
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