Buffalo Bill Cody History

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William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody was an American scout, bison hunter, and showman, regarded as the King of the Old West. Decades after his death, there is still controversies over whether or not the story of his life is based on facts or legends. The truth is, when it comes to "Buffalo Bill" life story; facts and legends are closely intertwined. A world traveler and showman, Cody story is legendary in both life and death, and today 's travelers can track this legendary character from his birthplace near LeClaire, Iowa, to his grave on Lookout Mountain in Golden Colorado, just miles west of Denver. The Carnegie Library in downtown Colorado Springs houses a variety of rare photos of William Frederick Cody, "Buffalo Bill" on His Favorite Horse…show more content…
Other mediums includes, Regional History Symposium, Rocky Mountain Online Archive (RMOA), the lithograph Collection contains a large variety of images, both colored and black and white, of people, animals, structures, and landscapes from all parts of Colorado ranging from the mid- nineteenth to the early part of the twentieth century, and a postcard collection. Additionally, the archive has a Digital Collections that includes historic photographs, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, audio oral histories, films to name a few, that highlight the history of the Pikes Peak region. The materials available from The Digital Collections provide access to the unique and valuable research materials that sheds light on the history of the Pikes Peak region. The information contained in this particular archive is unique to the history of Colorado, specifically, the Pikes Peak Region. For example, the information might pertain to a prominent person of the city and his or her role in societal developmental history. For instance, William C. Henderson (1916-1989), mayor of Colorado Springs from 1959 until 1963, he was the city’s first full-time mayor. Other histories include business histories, government histories, local organizations histories, church/religious histories, schools and universities histories, as well as real estate and family histories. The clerk helped me to locate a wealth of information ranging from manuscripts to pamphlets on the Antlers hotel, a historic hotel of Colorado Springs. The information on the Antlers Hotel (1883) includes the fire that engulfed the original structure in 1898, which resulting in the reconstruction of the second Antler’s Hotel that is today, the leading hotel in Colorado Springs and in the Pike 's Peak region. The hotel is currently one of the finest and most beautiful in the
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