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5 – Buffalo Mozzarella

Origin and short history
Buffalo Mozzarella or “mozzarella di bufala” in Italian is a cheese made from the milk of the water buffalo native to Italy. It is a product traditionally produced in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno. The term mozzarella derives from the procedure called mozzatura which means "cutting by hand". This is the process of separating weigh and curd and serving individual pieces. Buffalo Mozzarella is appreciated for its versatility and elastic texture and often called "the queen of the Mediterranean cuisine" or “white gold”. Buffalo mozzarella is a $430m a year industry in Italy, which produces around 33000 tonnes every year with approximately 16% sold abroad.
Why is this ingredient special?
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It is made by channelling sea water going onto flat plains and letting the water evaporate. The top crust of salt is then carefully scraped away and used to make Fleur de Sel. It is most commonly associated with the Atlantic costal region of France. Its chemical composition is as follows:

What is its’ most common use and flavour partners?
A few crystals of Fleur de Sel sprinkled over a dish right before serving can add a burst of flavour, visual appeal and a flaky texture. It is recommended to complement salads, quiches, pastas, fish, poultry etc and is the perfect salt component for salted butter caramels and sticky toffees. It works well as a crunch element in artisanal dark chocolates with sea salt due to its softer body than other coarse sea salts. It is also a perfect garnish for certain cocktails as its shape allows it to hold on to the glasses rim.
What is the cost and availability in South Africa?
In South Africa, it is readily available at food market franchise Woolworths in a 160g sealed jar for R27.95. It is labelled as a “moist sea salt” and competes on the market against other international varietals such as Himalayan Pink or Maldon.

Price for 1kg = R175

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