Buffalo Wild Wings Argumentative Essay

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When considering a place to dine, there are many reasons why a person would choose one eating place over another. Some people dine out three or four times a week, where others may only eat out once or twice a month. There are many different types of eating places a person could chose so what makes Buffalo Wild Wings stand out from its competitors? There are many factors, positive and negative, which contribute to a person’s decision on why one would favor Buffalo Wild Wings over another establishment to dine. Although Buffalo Wild Wings does fall short with its food pricing and its slow service, it is able to soar past the competitors when it comes to the terrific food, huge portions, large selection of food items, the relaxed and laid back…show more content…
As Logan Easterling stated, “How in the world am I going to eat all of this” (Logan)? The saying you get what you paid for holds true here at Buffalo Wild Wings. Then once the person starts to eat the food, he realizes that there is not only a ton of food, but it also has a terrific taste. On the Buffalo Wild Wings website the owners stated, “But really, all you need to know “About Us” is these three things: Wings. Beer. Sports.™ Why do those three things matter to us so much? Because that’s what our fans want, and that’s what we’re all about—making our fans happy” (Buffalo Wild Wings). As the reader can tell, Buffalo Wild Wings is all about its customers and making them happy. So if they want a lot of food then a lot of food is what they will get. Even though some people find Buffalo Wild Wings a little pricey and it may take the food a little while to finally make it out of the kitchen; it makes up for it with its great tasting food and huge…show more content…
Once a person enters Buffalo Wild Wings, he will notice the open floor plan with very few walls blocking the tables. This type of floor plan creates a feeling of being free and not confined. It also has a very large dining area so you do not feel trapped or closed in. This makes a person feel relaxed and not all tensed up. Another factor that plays into the atmosphere is the friendly waiters. Mary said, “out of all the times I have been to Buffalo Wild Wings, I have never had a waiter that acted like he or she did not want to be there” (McKinney). When people have a waiter that is friendly and acts like he enjoys working there it makes the dining experience that much better. The final key component in the atmosphere at Buffalo Wild Wings is all of the entertainment centers. Buffalo Wild Wings said, “If you want to watch it, we’ll put it on thirty plus flat screen televisions and we have endless games” (Buffalo Wild Wings). With all of these televisions at Buffalo Wild Wings, one can find something to watch and stay busy even if he is waiting a while for the food; he would not realize

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