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If you want sports and beer where is the best place to go to watch them? Buffalo Wild Wings can be described as a comfort food restaurant and good environment for sports. Whether it is for basketball, football, soccer or baseball we have it all. It offers mid-priced, simple food in a relaxed atmosphere. Unlike Applebee's, a restaurant in a similar price category, Buffalo Wild Wings' targets a slightly younger demographic. Its target audience is most of the male population who wish to watch sports on the many screens which decorate the walls of the various franchises in the chain. Today, Buffalo Wild Wings is most popular in America and even Canada. Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants feature a variety of items including their infamous chicken wings…show more content…
It is similar to the demographic targeted by Hooters, only instead of luring in young males with mostly women who are waitress there, Buffalo Wild Wings does so with sports. This could give Buffalo Wild Wings a potential edge up on its competition because the waitresses are also tested on the knowledge of their sports. The Downingtown, P.a. store has 30 servers and 6 of them are males. “The customer rather see a female serve them than a male,” said Mike Zepp, Current General Manager at Downingtown. Despite having a differentiated strategy, Buffalo Wild Wings has been struggling in recent years. Although its sales and revenue have been increasing, it has not offset its increased operational costs. In 2015, "revenue climbed 22% year over year to $455.5 spite of a shift in the sports calendar versus the year-ago period, resulting in one less week of football and fewer pay-per-view events to draw in diners"…show more content…
For example at the Downingtown, P.a. store they sponsor Downingtown East, West, and West Chester University and many more. They run softball events for the employees who are WCT’s (Wing Certified Trainer) and there are plenty of areas where you can move up in the company. Also, they have a Blazin Wing Challenge which is you have to eat 12 traditional wings in 6 minutes with our hottest Reform Blazin sauce on them. Another Chapter to relate to would be Chapter 10 Conflict Management: Dealing with Issues, Risks, and Crises. Buffalo Wild Wings with dealing with Crisis Management is an amazing company to look at when trying to help a customer and guest and employee. For example, if the company has a guest where we they aren't happy about the food and they do a survey thats on the bottom of the check, they get sent a 10 gift card or more next time they come in. With employees, if there is drama or a problem with a table such a sexual harassment or etc. the company is very quick to deal with the

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