Buffalo Wild Wings Research Paper

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Competing Businesses - “Wings, Beer, Sports!”

There is a surprising amount of restaurants that serve wings in Hays (at least 13); however, they are not known for their wings. When someone goes to The Golden Q, they usually think of burgers. When someone goes to Pizza Hut, they usually think of pizza. Buffalo Wild Wings is the place known for “wings, beer, sports.”


No other restaurant has as many sauce and seasoning options as Buffalo Wild Wings. The average amount of flavors in other restaurants is 5; all of which Buffalo Wild Wings offer. Buffalo Wild Wings has 16 specialty sauces, including the following listed from mild to hot:
Sweet BBQ
Bourbon Honey Mustard
Parmesan Garlic
Honey BBQ
Spicy Garlic
Asian Zing
Caribbean Jerk
Thai Curry
Mango Habanero
Reformulated Blazin’

Also available are their five seasonings including the following listed from mild to hot:
Salt and Vinegar
Lemon Pepper
Chipotle BBQ
Desert Heat

This will give Buffalo Wild Wings an advantage because they are the place you can go to get every flavor available in Hays.


Buffalo Wild Wings serves a variety of different beer.
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When people drive by Hays on the interstate, a majority of the time they look for a name they recognize. There are some fast food options, but only a few sit-down restaurants. Setting up a Buffalo Wild Wings on the interstate would be incredibly beneficial to their company. Applebee’s, located along I-70, is the only one that shows sports games. Hays’ Applebee’s is the best selling Applebee’s in the entire state of Kansas. Their reported sales volume is $6,010,000 (as reported by referenceUSA database). The second best is located in Hutchinson. Their reported sales volume is over $1,000,000 less at $4,808,000. This shows how much the large trade area and traffic from Interstate 70 really affects Hays’

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