Buggin Out Character Analysis

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He arrives to work and see's Pino, his coworker, and son of Sal, give him a dirty look and said, " you are late". Pino is a racist person who does not like black people and does not get along with Mookie. In contrast, Vito is a nice and respectful individual who is friends with Mookie. It is with these four individuals that Sal's pizzeria had become so well known in New York. Sal is a person who likes to help everyone and is a well-rounded individual. His kindness shows when he gives money to the block drunk, the mayor, for whenever he would help out in the pizzeria. Mookie takes advantage of Sal's kindness in a daily routine, taking excessive amounts of time to do other things. Later in the day, Buggin Out, a friend of Mookie, comes in to
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