Bugs Moran And The O Banion/Weiss Gang

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Incidentally, large cities were the main location for organized gangs. Although there were over half a dozen powerful gangs in New York, Chicago was the capital of the racketeers, including Johnny Torrio, “Bugs” Moran, the Gennas, and the O’Banions (Addiction History 4). The most powerful and infamous bootlegger, by far, was Al Capone, operating out of Chicago. One of the most gruesome and remembered gangland murders of all time occurred on Valentine’s Day, 1929. Because of business differences, Capone ordered hit man Jack McGurn plot the murder of Bugs Moran and the O’Banion/Weiss gang, which Moran had recently taken control of. McGurn staged a delivery of alcohol to Moran’s warehouse. Four gunmen posing as police officers acted out a raid

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