Bugsy Siegel Gang

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Organized crime is one of my favorite categories to watch because it’s an empire that earns illegal money. Usually the money is earned through prostitution, gambling, bootlegging, and robberies. I believe this is an excellent subject to research because it’s very interesting and I’ve always wanted to be a member of a mafia group during the 1950’s. Al Capone known as one the most famous leaders, he lead the Chicago Outfit, which is the city I live in. Bugsy Siegel is also a famous gangster because he was driving force behind the development of Las Vegas. Not only that he was one the most feared gangsters of his day. Bugsy Siegel was associated with the famous group named “Murder Inc.”. Which wasn’t an actual but the press referred to the mafia as the “Murder Inc.”.

As I’ve sort of discussed Bugsy is a part of the Jewish mob/Murder Inc. Which is a different group from Capone’s. Bugsy was a crazy mobster who was one of the most feared of his time. Bugsy met and formed an alliance with future Syndicate leader. They operated within lower Manhattan, they worked in prostitution and bootlegging. The gang formed into the Syndicate. The Syndicate made a small branch for hit men. The branch was known as Murder Inc. Lansky,
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The massacre didn’t officially link to Capone but he was considered responsible. Seven rival mobsters were killed. The media called it “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre”. The massacre received so much negative attention, authorities focused on organized crime. Federal Government joined the attention. They arrested Capone for tax evasion. While Capone was in jail, Prohibition ended. The mafia looked for other things to work on. The FBI got involved when they noticed that they were changing the Hollywood movie industry in big ways. Frank Nitti was to spend time in jail for the mafia, but he spent time prison before and didn’t want to go back. He ended up shooting himself in a rail yard in Chicago.
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