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Introduction – 45 to 60 seconds Audio Anna is preparing to give an oral presentation on a novel that she has read. The novel is set in the Appalachian mountains of southern United States. It is about a local family homesteading their small acreage. The novel follows a year in the family’s life. Children are born, the crops are harvested, and the farm animals are butchered. After the animals are butchered, the family begins preparing for the winter by making quilts, soap, and stocking the root cellar. The novel’s narration is written in formal academic English. However, the characters in the book speak informal English. Anna thought it would be fun to give the entire oral presentation speaking as one of the characters would. However, she…show more content…
Everyone loved her presentation. Build on Clip B – 25 to 35 seconds Audio The book Anna read was a work of fiction. Fiction tells a story made up by the author. Anna’s father is a professional fiction writer. Once, Anna spent the day with her father during take your children to work day. She did a full day of job shadowing with him. There were a couple of things she learned about fiction writing during that time. She felt that the most important part of fiction is its plot. After all, without a plot structure, there is no story. The next time Anna read a fiction book she paid attention to these features, knowing that her dad uses them daily. Build on Clip C – 25 to 35 seconds Audio Anna’s dad loves to do is write about people living in remote areas and small communities. Many times the people he features speaks informally, using a lot of made up slang words and incorrect grammar. This language is accurately represented in the book when the characters are quoted. The rest of the book is written formally, following the correct rules of grammar. This mix of language adds charm to his works of

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