Personal Narrative: Build Our Parachute-Reclaim Life !

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Build our parachute - reclaim life!
For most of us, things go on straight forward most of the times in life, but then a sudden turmoil comes which leaves scars in our minds and hearts. When things seem to be going smoothly, we suddenly feel tired, or angry, or sad with many negative thoughts going through our mind. Our mind then creates imaginary scenes, which become almost like an adhesive, and we cannot dismiss them from our mind despite all efforts. When we focus on them, they lead us to feelings of confusion, sadness, emptiness and hopelessness, and we start losing interest even in such things that once used to give us pleasure.
These states of our mind entrap us, and we then carry on the dead weight of our past failures, unfulfilled ambitions,
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We need to tell ourselves emphatically that “Simply because I am feeling low at this moment, does not mean that things have to stay like this, for ever”. It can be changed for the better. We need to learn to see the situation from a wider perspective, which will allow us to be aware of the pull of our old habits of negative thinking, and take appropriate action for ensuring better care of ourselves during such vulnerable…show more content…
We need to accept ourselves with respect, honour and love so as to reach a stage of relating to our little world with utmost compassion. It may seem hard and strange to have kindness and compassion for ourselves, but it is not undesired or impractical. Because: we can nourish others, only when we nourish ourselves; we can truly love others, only when we love ourselves; and we can be good to others, only when we don’t attack or condemn

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