Build Theory Vs Broaden Theory Essay

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An essential part of striving towards increased positive emotions is understanding why those positive emotions are useful and applicable in every day life. These advantages are excellently highlighted in the broaden and build theory. The theory is comprised of two subjections both of which strive towards increased positivity and wellbeing. The broaden theory is focused on increasing awareness rather than being narrow-minded, which is typically attributed with negative emotions. The benefits of the broaden theory can include an increased willingness to take on new challenges and experiences, stronger relationships with acquaintances, and even an intensified inclination to help others (Frederickson, 2001). The second facet of the overarching theory is the build theory. The most effective way of understanding the build theory is to recognize its purpose as preparation for the future. The theory focuses on developing…show more content…
Specific ways in which the build theory can be advantageous include, an increase in innovative learning and greater cognitive flexibility (Garland, Frederickson, Kring, Johnson, Meyer, & Penn, 2010). Cognitive flexibility, in particular, is extremely important because it serves as a catalyst for improving skills such as accurate problem solving and improved creativity or brainstorming. Applying the broaden and build theory into my own experience completing the intervention was unequivocally that most valuable part. More specifically, the act of physically writing to someone and expressing my gratitude and thanks allowed me to connect with others and even embark upon new challenges, two quintessential aspects of the broaden theory. For example, during the third intervention I wrote an e-mail to a man by the name of Christian LeBlanc. Christian recently stepped down from his corporate “nine to five” job to pursue a career of filmmaking and traveling the
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