The Robie House Analysis

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Writing Assignment 1 - Building Analysis (The Robie House) Junchong Hu (A20378026) With the trend of classicism sweeping through Europe, people was refreshing to talk about the abstract idea of Wright with brutal honesty. I admire his respect and confidence in culture, and Robie house, as a representative of the Wright pastoral school, is a great cultural work in his search for the dynamic space. Reviewing the birth of the Robie house until now, just like a man’s life, fraught with drama. His master has been changing, and he can not even retain the cultural implications of the designer, but the only constant is his harmony with the natural environment, which fully represents his respect and confidence in culture. Robie house was built in the period when western modernism thought was in the ascendant, but its emergence has caused people to reflect on the cultural and natural environment, people often talked about it and…show more content…
At the same time, going through the narrow entrance to the wide space will give you a bright experience. From the entrance into the lobby, the roof of the entrance is very low, enter the door, the right hand is the stairs, a row of French windows in the south of the living room brings all the rural scenery into the room, which fully reflects Wright's cultural philosophy, that is, not change nature, but close to

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