Building Management System

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T the functions of a building are to create an artificial environment to protect the activities taking place within it from outside influences. To meet the complex needs of modem workplaces computer-based technology is increasingly coming into the design, construction methods, materials, and operation of buildings. The introduction of building management systems in large buildings have not only improved the control of building services for the comfort and safety of mankind, environment, and materials but also provided energy savings. However, current building management systems are limited by the physical level of integration of the building's services as they have separate monitoring and control stations for each parameter like Heating,…show more content…
This approach also aims to reduce the operational cost of the building by automatically tuning the energy consumption in accordance with occupancy profile of the building
This paper proposes a methodology whereby improvements can be made to the control and management functions within building management systems through integration of complex software and advanced devices. Such improvements would provide one intelligent solution for controlling and monitoring of all devices through a stand-alone system equipped with Graphical User Interface (GUI).
A. Description of Major Components
In this researched based project, I have used various devices and actuators to monitor and control different atmospheric and electronic parameters among which Arduino Mega Controller and single-board computer PcDuino3 are the key elements. Arduino Mega: which is programmed to read the data from all sensors and act accordingly by using installed actuators and other devices is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560
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A computer LCD is attached to its HDMI port via LVDS LCD interface. Also, it has 3.5mm audio output which can be used for custom voice commands.

B. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
The GUI, which is a single control station of all the operations carried out in a building is made through PcDuino3, which is a LINUX based single-board computer. A graphical representation of all systems is designed on a Linux based software named Python Idle which enables the user to monitor the status of each device installed in the building as well as modify it through user input options on LCD. A newsfeed and is also notified on GUI to alert the user in case of any emergency or abnormality in operation.

C. Modeling of SBMS
To make SBMS practically demonstrative, I have made a prototype consisting of 6 blocks. Each block is created to represent the functionality of one of the building’s systems defined below. All blocks are then integrated to build a single stand-alone station.
i. Lighting Control

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