Building Of The Berlin Wall Essay

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The reason for the building of the Berlin Wall and the impact on Germany, Berlin and other places, the problems created by the Soviet Union for the people and the restrictions of several human rights and freedom will prove that the era of the Berlin Wall was indeed problematic for the people in different areas.

The Berlin wall, how it all started. After World War II, Germany ended up dividing into two separate countries. East Germany and West Germany. East Germany which was a communist country under the control of the Soviet Union. But West Germany on the other hand was a democratic country and was allied with Britain, France and United States. The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 after East Germans started to realize that they did not want
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The people in all of those areas were affected. For United States president, John F. Kennedy, the U.S credibility was at stake. A failure in Berlin could weaken the influence of America in West Germany, the balance of powers in Europe. To get rid of the Berlin Wall two United States presidents gave speeches in Berlin. John F. Kennedy being the first to give his speech in 1963. President John F. Kennedy 's speech was directed to the people of Berlin and West Germany, reassuring them that they have not been forgotten. One sentence said by John F. Kennedy is even known now, "ich bin ein Berliner"-I am a Berliner.This was the highest compliments which could ever have been made during that time. In 1980, the second speech was given by President Ronald Reagan. His speech said “tear down this wall”. Reagan’s speech was directed to Mikhail Gorbachev, the Former General Secretary of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. He wanted him to give the order to tear the Berlin wall down. Many people believed that it was Reagan’s speech was the main reason why the wall was taken down.The Soviet Union did agree, but there was already a tremendous amount of already damage done by
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