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The breakthrough of social media has forever changed how buisnesses work and how media gets transfered through a social place. Even though social media is a very new catagorey in the marketing capabilities and in Information System structures, there is so much potential, maybe even some untaped that buisnesses can use to become succesful and reach people in a way that no other source of advertisment could before. Socail Media is dynamic and so is how buisnesses use it. Theres a lot of information moving around in a very short time period and companies want that information in order to use it to their benefit. Not neccisarily as a means of spying on people but to find out what individuals want and advertising to them. Overall, any buisness…show more content…
Knowing which social media to use and how to use it is what will benefit companies the most when it comes to marketing and assesing feedback for the products that they sell. In this interaction, you have direct feedback between seller and consumer which will lead to a closer bond between the two. Another important outcome of using social media is the effective method of advertising using word of mouth. Word of mouth as I've learned is the most effective form of advertisment and through social media you can potentially have thousands of people in a open conversations about your products or services and people observe other peoples opinions frequently and tend to take away something from it. So if your company is to use social media, you can start that conversation and get your product or service out there within the open. Overall as stated, it is a much better customer to buisness relationship that otherwise you couldn't have neccisarily without incorperating something like a blog into your…show more content…
It is a weird idea but even if you aren't advertising directly to consumers on socail media or interaction directly with customers, your organization is still on the site and is still being seen constantly by followers if the organization is active. In a sense it is almost like free advertising. On most sites as you are responding to individuals you are still able to be seen by everyone that follows you or that persons followers, so without any cost to the organization you are esentially getting free advertisment. We see this a lot with many buisnesses and it can be argued this is why you even hire someone to take over social media. The more you can stay within the mind of your consumers the better and having a constant conversation of feedback with your customers serves to do that effectively. Not to mention in the buisness world where most advertisment is extremley expensive, this cheap but effective alternitive in social media is something that can be very welcome and something all buisness should

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