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3.1 Plot Summary
The dystopian science-fiction novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley follows the story of Lenina Crowne and Bernard Marx who are inhabitants of a totalitarian global society in the distant future (2540 A.D./ 632 A.F.). The society is clearly hirachially devided into different groups of which the lowest three groups (that make up a majority of the entire population) consist of cloned individuals. The protagonists Lenina and Bernard (who themselves are no clones), on trip to a Savage Reservation far away from the rules of the World State, encounter Linda who got left-behind after being separated from her group and her son John whose father is revealed to be Bernard’s boss. Being brought up in the reservation and taught to read
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Every oocyte that is predetermined to become a member of the lower castes (Gamma to Epsilon) undergoes the so-called Bokanovsky 's Process, a technique that allows “ninety-six human beings where only one grew before” (seventy-two humans is seen as a good average). Bukanovsky 's Process uses a rather radical treatment consisting of hard X-rays, bathing the fertilised eggs in alcohol and freezing them to animate them to bud into two to eight zygotes each (Huxley…show more content…
Moreover, the future workers are accustomed to the difficulties their jobs later will have like extreme temperatures or caustic and toxic chemicals (Huxley 12-14). The mind of every single individual is also shaped by hypnopaedia (sleep-teaching) where it gets inculcated the reluctance of lower castes and the contentment with its own caste until the infant believes that these are his or her own

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