Bulgakov's Ray Of Light In The Fatal Eggs

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Bulgakov’s ray of light in The Fatal Eggs is the Soviet Union In this story Bulgakov’s a ray of light is in reference to the Soviet Union. Just as the ray of light starts small and grows larger so does the Soviet Union. And just as the light seems to promote production so does the Soviet Union. But in the end it creates disaster for its people. In summary of Bulgakov’s story, in Moscow of 1928 after a long period of degradation, research at the Zoological Institute has revived. Persikov our main protagonist is aging zoologist. After leaving his microscope alone for several hours, he suddenly noticed that the out-of-focus microscope produced a ray of red light. The amoeba that were left under that light started reproducing quickly and growing large and aggressive. He later experimented with large cameras to produce a…show more content…
The government allowed this in an attempt to restore the chicken populace. However, the chicken eggs that Rokk breeds turn into an enormous quantity of monsters (large and overly aggressive snakes, strange chickens, and crocodiles) which start attacking people. In the panic that follows, Persikov is killed by a mob which blames him for the appearance of the monsters. The mob also destroys his cameras, which if you remember produced the light rays. The Red Army attempts to hold the snakes back, but only the harsh cold weather in August puts a stop to the invasion. Persikov is Bulgakov’s version of Lenin in The Fatal eggs since he is the one to create the ray of light that promotes production. Bulgakov shows that the Soviet Union is bound to fail just as the light rays did, producing monsters. This could have just been a satire or it could have been a remark on the government so

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