Tourism In Bulgaria

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Bulgarian winter resorts have always been a popular destination for skiing and other winter sports. The highlands attract a lot of visitors every year and many international competitions are being held on the slopes of the Bulgarian winter resorts. Bulgaria is not only a perfect destination for coastal holidays but also for skiing, snowboarding, and extreme winter sports. The Bulgarian highland resorts offer entertainment for active relaxation, for example mineral thermal springs, spa centers and other various things (, n.d.).
There are four large, world-renowned ski resorts in Bulgaria and a number of smaller ski zones which are developing rapidly and generate much interest. Bulgaria has more than 210 km of ski slopes.
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National Park Central Balkans is a part of it and preserves naural sites of majestic beauty in the central part of the mountain. The Park protects ancient beech forests, pastures, many peaks and nine reserves – Boatin, Tsarichina, Steneto, Dzhendema, Kozya Stena, Severen Dzhendem, Stara Reka, Peeshti Skali and Sokolna. Beside conservation, the Park’s objective is to show nature to the tourist in all its glory. A network of many eco paths leads the guests of the mountain through places of beauty. Information boards provide additional data about the plant and animal species preserved in the area. Mount Botev in the Balkans is one of the most difficult to conquer in the country and the trek is recommended only for experienced mountaineers. You will need a few days and winter equipment in order to reach the far-away 2376 meters of the highest peak of the Balkan Range (, n.d.).
Fun Park Kartola is a winter sports center located at an altitude of 1700 meter, 10 km away from the Rhodope village of Momchilovtsi and 240 km from Sofia. The center offers good conditions for rough terrain snowboarding. The track is 800 meter long and is serviced by two tows, with several snowboarding facilities adding to the fun. Kartola is a suitable place for young boarders just beginning in the sport, and also for the more advanced boarders who wish to improve their skills (,

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