Bulimia In Women

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The early cause of mortality is mostly in young women is bulimia which is associated with severe medical and psychological disorder.
Bulimia is an eating disorder which causes victims to either intake, excessive or insufficient amount of food, and also it affects the victim mentally, physically, and emotionally which can take and end the victim life. Bulimia is the early cause of mortality in young women which is associated with severe medical and psychological disorder. There are many signs of bulimia but the most usual one is the physical signs; “calluses or scars on the knuckles, puffy “chipmunk” cheeks, discolored teeth, not underweight, and frequent fluctuations in weight”(Bulimia Nervosa from
The documentary ‘Just Eat”,
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Avoid insults, scare tactics, guilt trips because bulimia are often caused by stress and low self-esteem, negativity will only make the situation much worse. They should immediately take them to medical help and treatment. There many treatments for bulimia but the main treatment of choice for it is cognitive-behavioral therapy. What cognitive-behavioral therapy does is it targets the unhealthy eating behaviors of bulimia and also get rid the negative thoughts that fuel this behavior. The other treatments is to take them to individual or a group therapy which it can help your loved one explore the issues that contribute to the eating disorder. Bulimics must improve their self-esteem, and learn healthy ways of responding to stress and emotional pain. Family therapy is also effective for dealing with the impact the eating disorder has on the entire family…show more content…
Run by peers rather than professionals, support groups provide a safe environment to share experiences, advice, encouragement, and coping strategies. Residential treatment – Residential or hospital-based care may be required when there are severe physical or behavioral problems, such as a resistance to treatment, medical issues that require a doctor’s supervision, or continuing weight loss. Breaking the binge-and-purge cycle – The first phase of bulimia treatment focuses on stopping the vicious cycle of bingeing and purging and restoring normal eating patterns. You learn to monitor you’re eating habits, avoid situations that trigger binges, cope with stress in ways that don’t involve food, eat regularly to reduce food cravings, and fight the urge to purge. Changing unhealthy thoughts and patterns – The second phase of bulimia treatment focuses on identifying and changing dysfunctional beliefs about weight, dieting, and body shape. You explore attitudes about eating, and rethink the idea that self-worth is based on
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