Bulimia Persuasive Speech

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Attention Getter: "I wish I was skinny. I wish I was toned. If I was thin, I would be happy." Does any of these statements sound familiar?
Credibility Statement: I use to tell myself this when I was in high school, after looking at a music video or reading a magazine. Seeing women who were 100 pounds with zero body fat made me look at myself differently.
Reveal Topic/Thesis: In today's society, the media plays a part in how we perceive our body. The way the media's advertisements portray body images rarely resemble our own, but what they consider beauty.
Relevancy Statement: According to ABC News, "fashion models weigh 23 percent less than the average female, although these representations are perceived to be normal."
Preview: Constantly seeing unrealistic body images through the
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Media has contributed to the development eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia .
Subpoint: Bulimia is when a person binge eats then purges or use laxatives to avoid the risk of gaining weight. People with this disorder are at risk of heart failure, kidney failure and also death.
SSP: The media has a strong hold on people's perceptions of what beauty is supposed to be. Because of this, many people have experienced eating disorders like bulimia. 1.1 to 4.2 percent of females experience bulimia at some point in their lives, according to "Nutrition Health Review"
Subpoint: Anorexia is an obsession about weight and how much they eat. People limited the number of calories they consume. This disorder can cause brain damage, heart attacks, and can lead to death.
SSP: The stereotypical with this disorder is that it can only happen to women. 10% of people with anorexia and are male, according to Theodore E. Weltzin. The images the media show these men as lean and muscular, implying that men who look like that, are attractive or

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