Supply Chain Management Research Methodology Essay

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Research methodology:

The supply chain of manufacturers who manufactures for OEM's. Those companies has good system of production and good knowledge of workforce engagement, so they achieve their goals more easily. OEM's outsources some components which they calculated, thats not good idea if OEM also starts manufacturing them. From here, supply chain parts start OEM outsource to its chosen supplier, then they further outsources and here chain reaction starts, which leads to huge supply chain. We chose diversified experts like sheet-metal fabricator, machined components manufacturers, suppliers who just supply material. So we can check whether bull whip is same in every supply chain, then check up to what extent, try to find reasons behind
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But they don't know what and why. Due to all these problems other suppliers also get suffered. Lot of solutions were given and published in research papers which are just theory but some of them are really published some practical ways. So keep that in mind we did survey with manufacturers and suppliers. The questionnaire was mailed to them but before that we personally informs by calling them about study which helps us a lot to get good number of feedbacks. In survey, answers were on scale of 0-5, 0 for weak and 5 for strong reason for bull whip problem. Then after all responses, after taking average of all scores, here in this study, we shown number in…show more content…
Actual cycle time is the sum of both innate characteristics, such as manufacturing time & distance, and human aspects of the supply chain, which are information lags, production planning rules and labor availability (Torres & Maltz 2010:25). For this, industrial engineering techniques would help like quality tools, management philosophies etc.

ii)Lack of supply chain visibility
A lack visibility in supply chain leads to the bull whip effect. There is an inability to share easily or to retrieve information of trading partner in real time, as required by supply chain participants (Wisner et AL. 2008). This could be solved by management information systems but this could be solved by having good relations with other.

iii)Relationships and

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