Summary Of Bullet To The Brain

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The fiction story “Bullet to the brain” is a story based on being in enclosed environment. The character Anders throughout the story is not a likeable character. As his reactions show that Anders is brave. The setting, theme, and character were some of the elements that really stood out. The character in “bullet to the brain” Anders is an open minded person. Anders was also a very brave character as well. During the bank robbery that took place, he really did not show any sign of him actually being scared. The attitude that he had towards the bank robbers was interesting and different. Once he started speaking up to the bank robbers you can see right away what type of character he is. You can definitely begin to wonder if he even cared about…show more content…
Throughout the whole story the setting was focused inside a bank. The environment was more people being attended by merchant tellers. Also it was based more around money where nothing but money was being handled. It seemed that the building had darkened windows. Due to the fact that no other people seen what was going on from the outside, that there was in fact a robbery in progress. The scenario was based more in the past. What made it seem like it was in the past was there no panic button of any sort. Nowadays, when a bank robbery is in progress there is always a button under each merchant teller’s desk to get ahold of law enforcement. As mentioned in the story the building did have an alarm system. The robber mentions if any alarm goes off they would shoot them. As the robbers made Anders look up at the ceiling where Anders noticed just how bad the ceiling mural was, the bank was old and dusty. Even the awfulness of the painting caused him burst out laughing. By that being said in the story, it may have been a target for the robbers for the type of environment. It was a primary hit for the robbers to go in there as the bank was not fancy, and that would not attract a lot of people in there. It is quickly noticed that the bank that It took place in is not fancy and everything inside was not up to date. The author was focused more in the past just by the way that the bank was
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