Bulletproof Vests

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Bulletproof vests are amazing items. If it were not for them there would have been far more injuries or possibly even fatalities. Bulletproof vests are not just amazing in what they do, but also in how they are made and work. The material that they are made out of being also pretty amazing. A bulletproof vest is used by lots of important people such as military personnel, police task forces, and even the president wears them occasionally. A bulletproof vest is not exactly bulletproof, but is more of a bullet resistant or a ballistic vest. A bulletproof vest is used when there is a potential danger of being shot at, such as going into a firefight like the military or doing a drug bust on a gang of ruthless thugs where the danger of being shot…show more content…
Metal plates and helmets often wear with a vest for maximum protection. The first bulletproof vest was made in the he1860 's during the First World War. Bulletproof vests can also help save your life in a car crash because they help support your spinal cord if it fits properly. Bulletproof vest is made of either Kevlar or spectra shield which are extremely strong materials. Bulletproof vests are made by weaving large amounts of those materials together. They are often attached and secured by either metal buckles, or Velcro. Bulletproof vests often have additional padding on the inside for not only additional protection, but also to make them a bit more comfortable because most bulletproof vests are not very comfortable because they are meant to save your life not to be comforted. Bulletproof vests often have a metal plate as extra protection that is worn underneath. All in all I sure hope you now understand just how amazing bulletproof vests really are. Bulletproof vests can stop bullets and save your life and they are made by just weaving a few different yet amazing items together. Once again they we made in 1860 which is more than 145 years ago and they only keep getting better and
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