Bullies In The Lightning Thief

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Bullies, defined as future criminals. Bullies can either be clever or gullible, but from my experiences with bullies, they were mostly gullible. When I was in Grade 4, a friend named Jacob, was once my enemy. That former enemy of mine used to fight me and insult me. One time, I was enjoying reading my book “The Lightning Thief”, and out of nowhere, Jacob just takes my book and put it inside his locker. I tried politely asking him to give me back my book and I even tried using force, but Jacob was just as stubborn as a rusty lock. I knew I can’t get my book back with politeness or strength, so I had to use my intelligence. I went back to my classroom for a minute or two, came back to Jacob’s locker and deceived him. I told Jacob that Mr. Cole
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