Bully In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Bullying is all around us - In school, at a park, or even at home. It is especially present in Ray Bradbury’s short story “All Summer in a Day”, where on the planet of Venus is where many humans live their lives underground due to the constant rain falling down on the planet like a dark shadow cast upon it. The rain sometimes stop, but it is only for an hour at a time every seven years, so a lot of people can’t recall what it was like to feel the sun. However, Margot can, as she lived on earth at one time and saw the sun, but all of her classmates don’t believe her, so they decide to bully her. But Margot was telling the truth, so don’t bully: you do not know the whole story.
From the start, you can tell Margot was bullied, as when she told them a poem she wrote about the sun, and how much she missed it, her classmates all did the worst thing. They looked at Margot and called her a liar, and shoved her into a closet “They surged about her up and bore her, protesting, and then pleading, and crying back, into a tunnel, a room, a closet, where they slammed and locked the door” (3). This perfectly shows how badly they bullied her, and the classmates don’t even give her a chance to explain herself. Instead they shove her into a
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But, as it turns out, she is telling the truth, and this just sickens me “‘You’re lying, you don’t remember’ cried the children” (2). That quote was spoken by the children in class as she told of the poem she wrote, and told them how great it was. But nobody believed her, so they immediately assumed she was lying and tossed her into the closet. They did not know the whole story because they were blindsided by their hatred and jealousy. Unfortunately, though, bullies do similar things in the real world, and they, too, don’t see the whole picture, similar to William, one of the classmates who lead the mob of bullying
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