Bully Proof Classroom: Confidential Analysis

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Imagine walking into your old high school as a grown adult and having to attend for a whole week. Being thrown into the very warzone that 1 out of 5 kids have to go to each day. Would you be able to sustain the viscous yet simple words that feel as if they are small whips that break you down day by day, knowing you will never get that piece of yourself back. By watching “Bully Proof Classroom: Confidential” produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation you will get to see the life through the students eyes, hear their personal stories, and how there 's a broad age variety of those who are impacted by bullying on a day to day basis. “Bully Proof Classroom: Confidential” truly is a valuable documentary for everyone to watch.

People ask every day what makes a bully, how do they bring themselves to hurting others?
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Does it mean random acts of kindness ? Or maybe a day where no one is being picked on or teased? These would both be the perfect examples of pink shirt day, however not all kids know the true mean, yes they have all heard the backstory, but they do not know the true meaning. Some kids do not realise those who do not come to class, not because they are sick, however because they cannot bring it upon themselves to go somewhere where they are named called, teased or pushed around. “Bully Proof Classroom: Confidential” shows those kids stories who could not come to class and because of that, they either failed a grade or their marks were not very high. That is the side of bullying that we do not usually. We do not get to see the survivors trying to get back to normal. We do not usually get to see their life during the process of putting it back together. We do not usually see how the victims education is impacted by bullying. Which is why “Bully Proof Classroom: Confidential” goes above and beyond with finding a way to make it such an informative film to
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