Cause And Effect Of Bullying In Schools

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Generally, bully targets can be children of any age – adolescents and kindergarten. They may be reluctant to tell parents out of fear or shame. They may not want to go to school. They may complain of headaches or stomach aches, and may manifest anxiety and sadness, lack of self esteem, sudden drop in school performance, trouble eating or sleeping, sudden aggressive behavior, or displays of temper. They may have conflicts with siblings or playmates. There may be repeated loss of or damage to personal belongings and unexplained injuries.
Evidence from literature suggests that targets of bullies may experience adverse socio emotional growth. They may be anxious, depressed, isolate themselves from peers and avoid schools (Berthold& Hoover, 2005; Slee, 1994; Walker, Ramsey & Cresham, 2005). Moreover, it can even affect the entire school population and create an environment of fear which may disrupt academic learning (Whitted & Dupper, 2005). Victims can be upset, afraid, ashamed and embarrassed about going to school. The signs may not be visible if the adolescent can manage the aftermath of bullying. The incidents might take place without parents
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Depression can affect your academic performance in college. Studies suggest that college students who have depression are more likely to smoke. Research suggests that students with depression do not necessarily drink alcohol more heavily than other college students. But students with depression, especially women, are more likely to drink to get drunk and experience problems related to alcohol abuse, such as engaging in unsafe sex. It is not uncommon for students who have depression to self-medicate with street
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