Bullying: A Big Problem In Society

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Bullying is not a small thing to do you think it’s a big problem in the U.S i think it is because it’s a major problem in high schools and social media, Bullying is a big problem in neighborhoods and school campuses even in a gated community where people try to stay safe in, Bullying brings out the anger in people the causes trouble later on in the year that can affect them drastically in the present and future, Bullying also reacts against people with different skin color and people that has mental illness, Bullying is a big impact on african americans and whites because of their past and ways their culture do things in the world, Name calling and jokes is upon bullying to african americans, whites and even mexicans because of their skin color and sensitive ways, Bullying is a big problem in society that begins in the early high school years where teenagers pick on others because of their skin color and physical looks they have, Will bullying come to a stop or will it be a burden in the united states.
“Elementary and high schools are in danger to bullying because students are being hurt”(Gale), to aggressive and abused even hurting themselves because of being bullied, Bullying is powerful against teens and children because of their emotions and fears, Teenagers do violent things when they get bullied too much,”Teens gets pushed around to their limits everyday and that doesn 't turn out well either”(Isaac barrow), Society do not stop bullying it makes bullying stronger to

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