Bullying And How Big Of A Problem In Our Society

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Project III Reflection After doing this project I gained a lot of knowledge about bullying and how big of a problem this topic really is in our society today. When we chose this topic, we wanted it to be more than just the facts and statistics, we wanted people to realize that it is a real problem in society today and severely impacts a lot of individuals. We added the Demi Lovato personal video to show students that it even happens to the people and celebrities we look up to. You would never think that a big pop star like her would be bullied but it has had a huge impact on her life and the person she is today. I also thought that bullying was only really problematic for ages 10-18, but it can continue on all the way through college and in the work world. Before doing this project I was one of those people who did not realize how big the problem was because I have never been affected by it, but after the project I have realized the harm it can do and how it affects anyone and everyone involved …show more content…

When researching I was shocked to see that the bully is just as affected by the situation as the person being bullying, the are in fact even more likely to develop problems in the future. The problems these individuals can develop are very serious and can often lead to suicide. Victims of bullying are much more likely to commit suicide than someone who has not been bullied. I was shocked by the statistics that were found about this problem as well. I was shocked to see that over 70% of teachers see bullying at least once a year, that is a crazy percentage, it shows that especially in schools this is a serious problem. I was also amazed by the reasoning for people being bullied, the statistics show that 55% of the LGBT community is cyber bullied, that means more than half of the community is being bullied, and people still do not really bring attention to this. I now understand why awareness for

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