Bullying And Teen Suicide

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Teen suicide, a worldwide tragedy, is the third leading cause of death of children between 10 and 24. It is continually increasing year by year. Bullying, child abuse, and mental development all have factors in the decision to commit. The question in the mind of many though, is whether or not the teen is at fault, or if the world around them killed them. The teen is innocent; the world is cruel, and I can prove it. Bullying has taken a major influence on teen suicide. Pressure on sexuality, gender, and being different can make life much more difficult for a teen. A young boy by the name of Kenneth Weishuhn committed suicide as his sister, “Kayla Weishuhn there in that video says that it was after her brother came out as gay that he was bullied…show more content…
Teens have many emotional issues as they grow up due to hormone imbalances and stress management being insufficient and underdeveloped. This can lead way to many physical and emotional problems. These problems can consist of depression, and bullying can push toward eating disorders in order for the teen to feel in a way that they have the ability to control a small portion of the chaotic world around them. The human mind can only take so much abuse, as “Bullying damages self-esteem and destroys body image, both which can make an individual – child or adult – susceptible to developing an eating disorder, such as anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating. ... Changes in eating patterns, such as bingeeating or skipping meals…” The warning signs of suicidal tendencies can consist of ¨withdrawal from social activities, a drop off in performance at school, a change in friends, withdrawal from friends, withdrawal from school activities, including sports or arts programs, a drop in grade, a change in sleeping behaviors, change in appetite.¨ (About Teen Suicide) The hormonal imbalances in a teenager’s brain is under no control of the teen and can be easily manipulated by peers or elders. Disorders are also not the fault of the teen and must be noticed by another individual to be treated. Most disorders are put off as attention, as that is what ever since birth, humans want. We want to be noticed and this can be passed off as wanting this attention, but in reality, these young people truly feel they have no hope, and end life as a way to escape from how horribly they have been

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