Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of Cyberbullying

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Causes of Cyberbullying Bullying in the traditional sense has always been an issue, with kids being bullied at schools to bullying in academic and professional settings. Naturally, laws and regulations exist to report bullying in the traditional sense and bullies think twice before inconveniencing others. In recent years, however, with the advance of online social networks and the increase of personal information that is being publicly shared online, a new largely unregulated phenomenon that can be described as an epidemic emerged: Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is seen as a much more severe form of bullying with considerably more destructive effects on its victims and unique causes. Extensive research papers were published studying the causes and effects of bullying in general and cyberbullying in particular. So what are the causes and effects of Cyberbullying? One of the leading motives for cyberbullies, according to recent research, is the privacy associated with bullying people online. A cyberbully can remain anonymous and not share his identity with others. In essence, cyberbullies don’t feel the resentment and guilt they would typically feel if their bullying was associated with their real identities. In addition, it has become apparent that cyberbullying is now just a regular part of “internet culture”, with forums and websites such as…show more content…
Cyberbullying victims often find difficulty in maintaining healthy social relationships after the fact, as they find it impossible to trust others. This is obviously detrimental in the workplace where communication and cooperation is a must. An interesting aspect of cyberbullying is that victims often blame themselves for the debilitating effects they have to deal with. This creates yet another reason for victims to doubt themselves and fall deeper into depression and anxiety, further reducing their sense of

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