Reaction Paper About Cyberbullying

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Cyber bullying has been a big part of a teens life that 's where they get mistreated by other people. Throughout these years cyberbullying has been increasing really fast especially in school grounds, bullying has been a major part of the school to because that 's where teens notice who they like and they dislike. The main focus on cyber bullying comes from where one person does not like that other person so they prefer to make fun of them instead of friendship. Cyberbullying can also have a major impact on a teens life that can make them do something that they will regret doing, they do that because they think that there is no way to get away from it so they decide their own way to deal with it. There 's different varieties of levels where they take little steps or even bigger steps, cyberbullying can occur in middle school level of in a high school level. In a middle school level teens mostly send hurtful text messages to the classmates they don 't like, High school is all whole different story they always intent to harass that one person there really is no logical reason why they always end up harassing them in the end. There is multiple reasons why cyberbullying is common, the first reason is a situation where the kid is in the wrong place
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They start to notice how their kids start to act around certain people, they also notice it when they try to talk to their son or daughter and they keep a minimum talk. The act of cyber bullying can result into a charge of juvenile delinquency, they usually don 't give you a verbal warning they just do it. A school teen that has experienced cyberbullying from an anonymous person they will most likely feel helpless and isolated during the attack, sometimes the hurting message sent to them can be permanent and be real difficult for them to remove
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