Cyber Bullying Introduction

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In the digital age, everything has advanced exponentially in the last few decades, so has bullying. Ever since the Internet enhances, the world around us has changed to make living so much easier and convenient. Everything is mostly done with a single click, from enrolling in your classes at universities, shopping, paying bills, making international calls and even using phones as CCTVs. Bullying, some how had made its way into the ‘world of one click’. It is ridiculous and unbelievable that the Internet can bully an individual. It has become clear that cyberbullying is a severe problem now. This battle in cyberspace never ends and is consistently reflected in the headlines of many medias in the past few years. It is tremendously
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They are afraid that their parents will keep all electronic devices from them to punish them. As a fact, that is the biggest mistake made. Parents should be more open with their children and should provide proper knowledge to their children when they reporting any problems in life. The least parents can provide their children is to care for them at all time and spend more time with them. Moreover, parents should also be balanced between their rulings in strictness. The children should have certain limitations on their freedom and not going over the borderline. Parents should supervise computer usage at home and set up parental control on the computers to provide safety while their child is using the computer. Monitoring their children’s online activities and teaching their children about technology to provide better understanding is able to reduce the risks of being cyberbullied. Some people say that parents should take a more active role by becoming “friends” with their kids in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Parents do play a big role in their children’s safety and should be responsible for them at all…show more content…
The most important is avoid to post the personal information on the social media. Avoid from the strangers to know about ourselves. They can humuliate us in the social media. Secondly is do not respond to them. If you have been bullied, remember that dod not respond to them because they only want to know your reaction. Your reaction is the exactly that they want. They want to control your emotion. It can become interesting if you him or her power over you.

Thirdly is save as the evidence. The only good news about digital bullying is that the harassing messages can usually be captured, saved, and shown to someone who can help. You need to do this even if it is minor stuff, in case things escalate. This evidence can help to make the police report. It can help you to settle down the case. Next is, talk to the trusted adult. You may need the backup from the adult. It is always good to involve a parent but if you not comfortable to share with parents you may see a school counselor because usually they knows how to help. Sometimes both are needed. If you are really nervous about saying something, see if there was a way to report the incident anonymously at

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