Bullying Human Nature

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Bullying is human nature Bullying is known as a complex and abusive treatment. Bullying is human nature. Mind of bullying, we generally consider where it came from. However, bullying may take various forms and may happen anywhere. Bullying has several cases that happen nowadays. Why do you consider bullying takes place everywhere? Is insecurity a reason why people treat others in an aggressive way? Why do people become bullies? Insecurity is done by people also the other says that insecurity is the reason why young adults become bullies, however, there are several factors to prove that being insecure can lead to bullying. There are five roots of insecurity causes young adults to become bullies, this are the body image, parental over protection, temperament, parental expectation, also money. Based on the author ( 2013 )Dr. Gerald Stein, the root of bullying are the body image. Through your body you can use it to bully, those body image is lofty, hair, and several are chubby that’s why they have a look also a strength to be frightened. Second, parental over protection can lead to bullying because of insecurities that they felt for other people, just for example, you are a teenager and your parents are strict. Because of the over protection that given, they did not see the love that they showed. Additionally, you have seen yourself different to others, then want to be known by others,

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