Bullying In Ender's Game By Orson Scott Card

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Bullying is a big issue in society. When authors put bullying into their books it helps people see that bullying is not unseen. In Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card the main character, Ender, gets bullied a lot throughout the book. At the beginning Ender gets his monitor taken out. This automatically causes complications because he was a third child. In this time it was rare to have three kids, so it was likely that Ender would get picked on after the monitor was taken away. The monitor kept anybody from messing with because it helped the government watch him. After Ender get’s the monitor taken off Stilson, a bully in school, starts causing trouble. “Hey Third.’ Don’t answer. NOthing to say. ‘Hey, Third, we’re talking to you, Third, hey bugger-lover,…show more content…
Ender accepted going to Battle school. When Ender got on the shuttle to get ready to go to Battle school Ender was once again bullied. When the shuttle launched and the anti-gravity took effect Ender noticed that since the laws of gravity have no effect on them that to Colonel Graff they could be sideways and that he could be up right or they could be up right and Colonel Graff could be sideways. Colonel Graff noticed Ender laughing and asked him what funny. Ender told him why he was laughing. Graff asked the other kids if they thought it was funny. They all replied no. Colonel Graff said that all of them were incorrect and that Ender was right. He told them that Ender was the only smart one so far. “He felt a sharp pain on the top of his head. Then again. Some giggles from behind him. The boy in the next seat back must have unfastened his straps. Again a blow to the head."(pg. 32) Colonel Graff set Ender up. Colonel Graff made all the kids around him seem like Ender was his favorite to get kids to pick on him and to see how Ender would handle it. Just as Colonel Graff thought, kids started picking on

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