Bullying In Middle School

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Most students in middle school are used to being mean to other students. That is how they teach themselves when they relax themselves and know their self awareness. How? The way they act. The more people get hurt by their words or their secrets, they might get reported by the principal and the principal might ask to see them in the office. And some of them they might know themselves. Bullying can come in many forms and actions. Bullying can come from many ways. A bully is around the unlucky person. Usually a bully can be in school and on facebook. On facebook people post something like their picture. It is too much and the people who don’t like it. For example, people hide the secret in a front of the teacher. They act like they were not bad…show more content…
The third reason that bullying has to stop is because it makes people consider hurting or killing themselves. Some people who bullying and get bullying back, and then they felt themselves, some of them can’t have felt what just happen and get confuse and forget to calm themselves down, they feeling like what to kill themselves or want to die, stuff like shouldn’t bring up. They kill themselves because the words that they heard every days is around them and it too hurt and they cant feeling it anymore and they suicide themselves. Some of them, without let anyone know it and keep the bully in their minds and at the end no one don’t know what happen but there they already die like without no one know. Some of them is their friend and because of want something for their friend and make up something and becoming bully, and they thought them were their best friend but at the end they did them to them so, they don’t know what to do and they thought the best way to do is suicide. Some are really close friend but in each other secret they have something were not right and when it show off they know and might not focu on what gonna go next so they might also suicide. Some of them bully other but when those people get bully get the evidence and they bully them back like on facebook or tweet, etc and that can be a way to suicide
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