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Counseling the Effective Way to reduce bullying at Japanese School In 2013, cases of bullying in Japanese elementary schools has reached to new high record, and the number of cases of bullying is increasing each year. Recently, throughout elementary school to high school, there are many cases of student who committed suicide due to being bullied at school. The right way to deal with bullying at school has always been debate, and number of schools have developed methods to reduce bullying problems. Moreover, Japanese government has passed law against bullying in school. Out of the different methods of decreasing bullying, large number of people believe that in order to reduce the cases of bullying at school, punishment toward the perpetrators…show more content…
Students bully other students with reason and there are usually a variety of reason why people bully. Through counseling school can give the bullies moral education and let the bullies know that bullying is a serious problem and that it can be very detrimental. They will be able to benefit from counseling. Most of time, bullies may be unwilling to acknowledge their behavior to other people. The Japan Times points out that simply punish the perpetrators would not solve the problem. Therefore, through counseling, they will start to understand the impact their harmful behavior has on victims, talk about personal experiences that may have contributed to their bullying behavior, and learn how to communicate positively with other people. Also, EDUCATION IN JAPAN COMMUNITY Blog suggests that measure that involve students, parents, and teachers is one of the efficient way to stop bullying. For instance, sometimes, perpetrators may have difficult problems in life such as emotional wounds from childhood that cause to their negative and aggressive behavior on others , and discussing these troubles or worries with counselor can help change their behavior and wrong attitudes, which can be an effective process towards reducing or even stoping bullying

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