Bullying In The Workplace

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Workplace bullying is something that we get familiar with starting from elementary or middle school and it goes on in the life of people who are weak to strong ones. According to the 2010 survey done in the United States by the Workplace Bullying Institute, more than half the population suffers from being bullied at their job place. The question is that whether the workplace bullying is because of pressure to get ahead of other employees or its just mere jealousy of seeing others getting ahead at work? The actual bullying takes place out of jealously or if someone is doing much better than the other person whether he/she is a student or an employee. Bullying is a non-physical form of violence as it shows traits of abusive behavior and disturb…show more content…
It is a place for adults to work at where every employee should respect each other, including higher authorities giving respect to employees working under them. Basically, bullies target people who they think pose a threat to them either through work or personally. These type of people may be strong from outside but are cowards from within and feel insecure and have inferiority complex towards the victims being bullied. It is very hard to understand the bullies or what the actual reasons are behind their bullying behavior.
Every company employee should give respect to each employee and are expected to work professionally like adults. “Bullying is a global phenomenon. Some researchers suggest that workplace bullying is more prevalent in the U.S. due to the cultural values of the U.S. which emphasize on individuality, assertiveness, masculinity, and achievements” (Martin & Lavan, 2010). Every employee wants to be ahead in the race but they should use proper work ethics and hard work to reach that level instead of stepping on others to achieve their
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Organizations need to understand the proper risks related to bullying and how it can economically impact their company. Companies need to take strict actions against bullying and make laws equal for all employees including the higher authorities as well. They should provide clear consequences against bullying during hiring process and should even teach all employees to stand up against any crime towards bullying. Proper policies should be implemented to given right law and order in the company. “An organization should have a code of conduct that provides concrete examples of desirable and forbidden behaviors. The very process of developing the code of conduct helps raise awareness of inappropriate interactions” (Vega & Comer, 2011). The rules need to be specific as to what is considered appropriate and what is

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