Reduce Bullying In The Workplace

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• Remember that bullying is more about the insecurities of the bully than about what you do.
• The target should recognize that it is the bully who has the problem and not himself, he can regain control of his own feelings. Embarrassment, shame and fear are all normal reactions, but remember that these emotions are often misplaced and that is how all abusers control and silence the victims.

• Save everything in a log. Learn more about the company 's policies regarding bullying and prepare to take action.

• Have a backup plan in place. One may even want to look for another job, because when one has the safety of a backup job, he feels more empowered to cope with the situation.
• When the matter is discussed with senior management, sufficient
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Everyone in the workplace should work actively to prevent bullying in the workplace before it becomes a health and safety risk. Prevention can be achieved by:

• Ensuring senior management 's commitment to a workplace that does not tolerate unacceptable behavior and treats bullying cases in a confidential, fair and timely manner
• Consult with workers to create and promote a mentally healthy workplace culture
• Ensure that the organization has appropriate workplace bullying policies and procedures in place and that workers are trained in these procedures.

• Actively manage psychosocial risk factors and stressors in the workplace

• Provide regular and respectful feedback

• Have a Harassment Contact Officer (HCO) in place so workers can talk to
• Ensure there is training for workers and managers on bullying in the workplace
• Include information on bullying and harassment in work induction programs
What does bullying cost the
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The right way to stop bullying at work

According to Gary Namie, workplace harassment expert at the Institute for Combating Bullying in the Workplace, the best way to intervene is to change the rules. It is the culture and regulation of the workplace that allows bullying in an organization. It is therefore necessary to "create and apply a code of conduct that states that the behavior that has driven the bully is no longer permitted."
The organization could start by putting anti-harassment policies in place. These could explicitly indicate behaviors that will not be tolerated, or you could take a more general approach by pointing out the nature of bullying and indicating that it will not be tolerated.
Establish a confidential reporting mechanism so that affected employees can voice their concerns without risk of reprisal. Remove the employee concerned from the influence of the bully. For example, transfer the targeted employee to another department for a short period of time, or give them paid time off as needed, while addressing the problem. Otherwise, the vulnerable employee can collapse under

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