Bullying Is More About The Insecurities Of The Bullying Than About What You Do

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• Remember that bullying is more about the insecurities of the bully than about what you do.
• The target should recognize that it is the bully who has the problem and not himself, he can regain control of his own feelings. Embarrassment, shame and fear are all normal reactions, but remember that these emotions are often misplaced and that is how all abusers control and silence the victims.

• Save everything in a log. Learn more about the company 's policies regarding bullying and prepare to take action.

• Have a backup plan in place. One may even want to look for another job, because when one has the safety of a backup job, he feels more empowered to cope with the situation.
• When the matter is discussed with senior management, sufficient evidence must be provided. And the employee must also be prepared for a situation where he might have to leave.
• Dealing with bullies in the office can be difficult. Limiting the damage as soon as possible and getting out of the business if the company is unable to protect its employees is a wise decision to make.
Everyone in the workplace has a duty to stop or intervene when they notice harassment at work. All workers can help to ensure that bullying behavior does not occur.
Under the WHS Act, a person who runs a business or enterprise has the primary obligation to ensure that the health and safety of workers and others is respected. the workplaces are not threatened by the work done. "Health" is defined in the WHS Act as

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