Bullying Negative Essay

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What is bullying? Bullying is hurting someone unreasonably or to cause embarrassment. School is supposed to be a place where students should feel safe and sound. Many students have difficulty to go to school every day due to bullying issues. Bullying is becoming a terrible problem in our society. Many kids and teenagers are afraid to go to school and afraid of getting harassed by their peers. The person being bullied may experience depression, social anxiety, sleeping problems, loss of interest in activities they used to like, and eating. The psychological effects for the bullied include suicidal thoughts and behaviors. There are three things parents and schools could do to cut down being bullied; keep an eye on your child’s social media networks,…show more content…
If a bully spread rumors about you, it has negative effects on you. Bullies may say something about how you look and how ugly you are to make them look cool or boost their ego. Victims who have low self-esteem may feel like they don’t belong to our society, which is not true. No one should ever feel this way. Even though, they may try to look confident in front of the bullies, on the inside they are really hurting. As states by the Forbes website, being depressed can affect a child’s self-esteem and victims don’t see any hope in their life. (How do bullies lower self-esteem?…show more content…
The more the bully tortures the victim, the more his or her self-confidence declines. Victims may actually start to believe what the bully says and begin to think they are weak, worthless, and ugly. This may result for the victims to have social anxiety. Victims may isolate themselves from everyone, including friends and families. Having confident in you is very important and it allows us to be comfortable and enjoy life. People with low self-esteem don’t see the positive in their life, but only the negative. They may prefer to stay home not to meet people. I believe bullies pick on others because they lack confidence and are insecurity with
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