Bullying: The Term Effects Of Cyberbullying

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Effects of cyberbullying cannot be underestimated. Long-term effects showed that those who are bullied also became bullies in the future. Similar to bullying in person, immediate effects of cyberbullying are that the youths who are subjected to cyberbullying tend to separate themselves from the society and live alone. They develop inferiority and doubt on their skills and abilities. Having the high possibility to be depressed, the worst solution is to cut their own lives for they can see that it is the only way to answer their problem. Megan Meier, a 13-year old girl committed suicide after she got bullied. Former friend’s mother and an 18-year old accomplice pretend to be Josh. Josh was the identity sending messages to Megan and had a fake relationship with her. Megan cut her own life when she received a message from Josh [to whom she had a fake relationship with] ending their relationship. The message is “the world would be a better place without you.” Her experience was cyber bullying bridged to extreme violence.
With the presence, of YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, YouTube cannot eliminate all forms of violence in their site. Videos displaying extreme violence such as the rise of Muslim terrorist groups like Al Qaeda in 2008 brought fear to American Government (Philips, 2008) and ISIS which shows brutal killings of people are dangerous for juvenile viewers [viewers with ages 18 years and below]. YouTube cannot control users who use their site by age in
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