The Bum Blockade: Los Angeles And The Great Depression

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The Bum Blockade: Los Angeles and the Great Depression The Bum Blockade was set up in the great depression era, It was a time that needed strong authority with also having a light touch to the people. In all of the united states Los Angeles seemed the one who was the most strongly hit by the depression. "The Bum Blockade: Los Angeles and the Great Depression" written by Hailey Giczy. Giczy is going to be on more the immigrants side, when she said this "The social upheaval and displacement brought on by the Great Depression changed the very concept of the frontier, and the defining characteristics of Americans as travelers to that frontier were no longer applicable to Dust Bowl migrants."(Giczy) This just shows that she may be on the immigrants but then she says this "For the citizens of Los Angeles, also known as "Angelenos," the migration to California during the Great Depression was also a meeting of the savage and the civilized" I am not to clear on what point of view she will be on, but I am clear on the fact that I will get a picture of where she is coming from.…show more content…
"The Bum Blockade: Los Angeles and the Great Depression" it explains the how Los Angeles was affected by the Great Depression. Before the Great depression really took hold of Los Angeles, it all started with the dust bowl. "Throughout the 1930s, more than a million acres of land were affected in the Dust Bowl, thousands of farmers lost their livelihoods and property, and mass migration patterns began to emerge as farmers left rural America in search of work in urban areas. This migration added to Great Depression unemployment woes, stressed relief and benefits programs, and created social strife in many large American
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