Bumping Into Mr Ravioli Analysis

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Perspective can change if the world opens up their eyes and hearts to everything around them. In society, people tend to forget that there are those who have different living conditions compared to themselves. They do not try to understand what others are going through or what can cause them to engage in their actions. In "Bumping into Mr. Ravioli", written by Adam Gopnik, the author writes a story about his daughter, Olivia, creating an imaginary friend that is too busy to play with her. Gopnik assumes that her imaginary friend is a sign of trauma or a sign of loneliness. He does not take into account of Olivia 's environment or how she sees the world. Outside influences, cultures, values, and personal beliefs may change a person 's perspective due to their ability to be open-minded and take in consideration of others ' situation. Human beings can walk through life with their own perspective without any regards to the outside influences. When Gopnik hears about his daughter having an imaginary friend that is too busy, he believes that New York is the source of the problem. He asks a question in the reading, "Why is busyness the stuff our children make their invisible friends from, as country children make theirs from light and sand?" (Gopnik 156). The quote means children will make their invisible friends based on their environment. He used the word busyness to show the readers the difference between how busy New York can be and how soothing a country state can be. This
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